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Check out our Veloci electric bikes starting at €1,499

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Cycle To Work Scheme

Find out more about purchasing our Veloci electric bikes via the Cycle to Work Scheme


Veloci Sport

  • Following on from the recent success of the Veloci Spirit, Veloci has designed and manufactured a new model of e-bike that is exclusive to the Irish market, brought to you by Independent Shop. Veloci have sold 60,000 bikes across Europe and have sold over 1000 bikes in Ireland in 2021.  

    The Veloci Sport is a unisex e-bike, that comes in a one-size-for-all frame, suitable for men and women from 160cm to 195cm.  

    The Veloci Sport maintains many of the trusted characteristics that the Veloci Spirit possesses, such as the mid-mounted motor and the Schwalbe Road Cruiser tires with K-guard. Veloci have ensured these components remain central to their newest e-bike, the Veloci Sport to maintain the high levels of comfort and stability that Veloci cyclists are used to.   

    What's features are new with the Veloci Sport?
    • New braking system - Tektro M300 mechanical disc brake
    • New engine – M200 Bafang Motor with integrated torque sensor
    • Centre mounted battery
    • Sports pedals

    New braking system - Tektro M300 mechanical disc brakes 

    The most visually obvious aspect of the Veloci Sport is that Veloci has introduced an upgraded braking system for their latest model. The Veloci Sport has front & rear Tektro M300 mechanical disc brakes, which are not impacted upon by weather extremities, and do not differ if performance if the rim is wet or dry. The Irish climate is often very unpredictable; therefore, Veloci has considered the temperamental weather in Ireland into the design of their new bike and made necessary improvements. Veloci also appreciate that mechanical disc brakes do not apply pressure to the rim when force is applied, therefore, ensuring the aesthetics of the Veloci Sport remain unscathed.   

    • Sporty hybrid e-bike suitable for males and females, with Bafang M200 central motor (mid-engine)
    • For distances up to 100 km
    • Reaches up to 100 km per charge at minimum load
    • Detachable battery, rechargeable anywhere to full charge within 4 – 6 hours, key lock
    • Long lifespan
    • Type: Phylion 36V 13Ah with Lithium-ion technology
    • Most compact and quiet mid-mounted motor on the market
    • The weight is distributed to the center of the electric bike and ensures stable riding comfort
    • Hassle-free walking thanks to the integrated walking function
    • Integrated torque sensor for support when cycling hills routes
    • Type: Bafang M200 Modest 36V 250W, 65Nm
    • Display with USB connection
    • USB connection: charge your mobile phone or GPS on the go
    • Bright screen (brightness adjustable)
    • 5 assistance levels: smooth pedaling thanks to continuous assistance at each assistance level
    • Type: Bafang C10 LCD Display with 5 modes
    • Always visible
    • Spanninga BRIO LED light front and VIVO rear light connected to the battery and can be controlled via the display
    • Brake light: taillight comes on when braking
    • Side reflection is provided on the Schwalbe Road Cruiser tires
    • Never a flat tire
    • Schwalbe, Road Cruiser tires with K-Guard
    • Stable driving comfort
    • K-Guard anti-puncture coating prevents flat tires on the road
    • Increased braking performance
    • F & R Tektro M300 Mechanical Disc Brakes
    • Enhanced braking power meaning, less effort required when applying pressure to brakes
    • Increased reliability in wetter weather – no delay in braking when conditions are wet
    • Lightweight
    • The Veloci bike sports pedals are exceptionally light
    • 700C lightweight aluminum frame
    • As strong as steel
    • Reassuring guarantee
    • Lifetime on the aluminum frame
    • 7 years on all non-electronic parts
    • 2 years on the electronic parts
    • 7 gears
    • Shimano Tourney


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