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Bicycle Maintenance Kit

  • To maintain your bicycle in the best possible way, Veloci recommends monthly maintenance. If you use your bike often, maintenance every two weeks is even better.

    The good news? With the Veloci maintenance set your bike will be clean again in no time. The Belgian company Morgan Blue has been around for 20 years and makes products for bicycles and cyclists that meet the highest quality standards. The Veloci maintenance set contains:

    • Chain cleaner
    • Chain brush
    • Bicycle shampoo
    • Chain oil

      With a clean chain, cassette, sprockets and gearbox, you'll cover more kilometres

      How to clean your bike? 

      Pour a dash of chain cleaner into a bowl and dip the chain brush into the liquid. Lubricate your chain, cassette, sprockets and gearbox. Make sure all links and hinge points are properly covered. Let the chain cleaner take effect and rinse the chain clean.

      A thorough cleaning is good for your electric bike

      When your chain is clean, it's time to wash the frame of your bike. Add a dash of bicycle shampoo to a bucket of lukewarm water. Wash your bike thoroughly with a soft sponge. When you've finished, rinse off the water with a watering can or sponge. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner as this will destroy the bike! Avoid using too much water: a deluge will not do your bike any good! Dry your bike, ideally with a microfibre cloth that won't leave streaks or damage to the paintwork. Ensure you dry your chain, cassette, sprockets and gearbox properly. This will help prevent your bike from rusting.

      Make sure everything runs like clockwork

      Finally, lubricate your chain, cassette, sprockets and gearbox with chain oil. Focus on the moving link and pivot points of the bike. Only when the chain is dry can the chain oil do its job.

      Additional advice for a fully maintained electric bike

      After cleaning your electric bike, take the time to check the tyre pressure. The recommended tyre pressure is indicated on your tyre and is 4-5 bar on average.

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