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Solar Panels will cut your energy costs

Can solar panels cut your energy bills?

Energy is vital to our modern lives - electricity powers our networks, lighting, and most of what we use in the home. Soon it will power most of our cars and transport as we move away from carbon fuels and towards a cleaner, low-carbon future. But what part can Solar Energy play to help us cut our fuel bills - and our emissions? It turns out that even in Ireland, solar power can prove a great investment for yourself and the planet. Get in touch and we'll discuss if your home is suitable for solar and put you in touch with a first-class provider who will offer a no-obligation quote. You've nothing to lose.

What are Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules?

These are probably what most of us think of as solar panels - ones that turn the sun’s solar energy into electricity. Just how efficient they are can depend on many factors, including of course, the weather, but as a rule of thumb, a single square metre of solar panel on a sunny day can produce enough electricity to power a laptop. So on a roof on a sunny day, with perhaps 16 square metres of solar panels, you can see that they could make a significant impact on your energy bills.

Other factors that can influence their efficiency are the quality of the panel itself, the geographical location, and the direction the panel is facing to catch maximum sunlight. As we’ve mentioned, Solar Thermal Collectors are more common in Ireland because they depend less on direct sunlight to offer an efficient contribution to your energy bills. The good news is that Solar PV systems installed in a domestic setting that are under 12 sq. m (and represent less than 50% of the total roof area) are exempt from planning. Typically a provider will offer a choice of sizes depending on the size of your roof and your energy requirements. Get in touch and we'll see if your home is right for solar.

Can I get solar panels without planning permission?

Yes, you can fit enough solar panels to generate 6kW of electricity without planning permission - that's enough solar energy to cut the average electricity bill in half. Get in touch and we'll see if solar is right for you - without a home visit.

Can I get a grant to help pay for my solar panels?

Yes, grants are available to cut the cost of your solar panels. Get in touch and if your home is right for solar and a grant our supplier will do the sums for you and point you in the direction of the grant.

How big are solar panels?

Solar panels come in different sizes according to the energy they produce, but a fairly standard 250W solar panel measures around 1.6m x 1m. To generate the maximum amount of energy allowed without planning permission you would need 24 of these panels. Let's say you have four rows with six panels in each row, that would need 6.4m x 6m of space, or 38.4sq metres. Our supplier can measure your roof and give you a quote without a home visit, simply give us your details and we'll be in touch.

How long does it take to fit solar panels to a roof?

Our supplier and installer of solar panels in Ireland say most jobs are completed in a single day. Get in touch with your details and we'll find out if solar is right for you, without visiting your home.

Will I lose my electricity supply while solar panels are fitted?

While it could take a day's work to fit all the solar panels, your supply is only likely to be interrupted for half-an-hour while they are connected to your mains circuit. So it's no big problem if you need to work at home or have other dependencies on your electricity supply.

Can I sell on my property with solar panels fitted?

Yes, solar panels can be included in the sale of a home and are likely to increase its value. Savings in energy costs from the solar panels will be passed on to the new homeowners. Get in touch to find out what solar solutions are right for your home, with no home visit necessary.

What other benefits can a solar energy solution bring?

Having a battery to store your solar energy can also offer more chances to save. Lux Power Squirrel Pod & Battery Storage System allows you to simply charge your batteries at the cheapest times and use that power during the day to meet your electrical needs. This means you can run your house from using only the cheapest electricity available 24 hrs a day. To find out more about Lux Power Squirrel Pod & Battery, get in touch and we'll get you a quote.

Solar energy - does it work?

Solar panels have been around for a long time. While we think of them as part of a modern home, the science behind them was developed in the 19th Century. But the first silicon solar panel - one that could be useful for producing enough solar energy to power a device in the home - was invented in 1954. In the 75 or so years since then, the solar panel has become more and more efficient. It really is proven technology that works. Independent Shop's Solar panels have a warranty for 25 years.

What are Solar Thermal Collectors?

In Ireland, these are the most common types of solar panels. They specialise in doing the job of heating the water we use in our homes for things like showers, baths, washing machines and dishwashers. Immersion heaters are typically used to do the job and are a key factor in the size of our energy bills. By using the sun’s heat, homes can replace some of that cost. Well-installed systems can produce 60% of the hot water needed over a 12-month period. Evacuated Tube Collectors are the more efficient type, but the more expensive, and they have to be installed on a roof. Flat Plate Collectors can be situated on roofs or in other locations on your property, but they produce water of a lower temperature.

Advice about Solar Energy

Find out more about Solar panels and the grants available to fund them at the Solar Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Contact Independent Shop about solar energy and we'll be in touch discuss your home and if it's suitable for solar energy. If it is, we can put you in touch with a provider who can give you a no-obligation quote to save money on your energy bills. We hope this introduction to solar energy has given you an appetite for making more sustainable choices in your home.

What's next?

A representative from Independent Shop will contact you and ask you a few questions about your home to find out if it is suitable for solar panels and battery storage solutions that will cut your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

If your home is suitable we will pass on your details to our solar partner, a leading supplier of quality solar solutions in the UK and Ireland. Our partner will use Google Earth and other measures to estimate your home's solar energy potential and the most efficient solution for you.

You will receive a quote for your home, including details of grants available, and an estimate of your annual savings on electricity. You'll see how quickly a solar solution could pay for itself.

We're sure you won't find a better deal on price or quality, and if you purchase solar panels from our supplier we will plant a native tree in Ireland, helping cut the island's CO2 emissions even further.

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