Check out our Veloci electric bikes starting at €1,499

Find out more about purchasing our Veloci electric bikes via the Cycle to Work Scheme

Electric Bikes

Check out our Veloci electric bikes starting at €1,499

Foldable Electric Bikes

Check out our Hopper foldable electric bikes staring at €1,599

Cycle To Work Scheme

Find out more about purchasing our Veloci electric bikes via the Cycle to Work Scheme

General FAQ


On an electric bike, you are not obliged to wear a helmet, you do not need a driving licence and you can use the bike lanes. This bike is limited to 25 km/h, so there is no insurance requirement. You can always insure yourself against theft or damage with your insurance broker.

These bikes are designed and assembled by Bizbike in Belgium, Kruisem.

All kinds of bicycle bags can be attached to the electric city bike. There is an opening above the battery and extra brackets left and right of the carrier. You can also choose the Veloci city bike with mounted bags and lock.

This electric bike is equipped with pedal assistance and gives you (up to a speed of 25 km per hour) additional power while pedalling. The motor starts as soon as you step on the pedals. As soon as you stop pedalling, the assistance stops as well. The motor automatically switches off at 25 km per hour, so you will never go too fast. You decide how much pedalling assistance you want. This bicycle is developed to give you a stable and safe cycling experience.

The motor is located either at the back of the bike or in the centre.

The Li-ion battery (with Samsung cells) of 36V, 13 Ah or 468 Wh. This gives a maximum range of 120 km per charge for the city bike at minimum load.

Order Information

Click on "Order now”. Choose the desired bike. You can also buy via the Cycle to Work Scheme.

As soon as test days are organised, it will be announced on this site. You can attend one of our test days and you can order the bikes there.

Do you want to order an extra bike later? Then place a new order online.

You can pay by credit/debit card online.

If you have an account with Independent Shop, you can view your invoices under 'My Profile’.

If you have any questions in relation to the delivery of your bike or order amends, please contact


Once we have received payment in full for your bicycle you will receive an email from Bizbike with instructions on how to organise delivery of your bike. Your bike will be delivered within 14 days.

Your bicycle will be delivered by a courier and fully assembled at your preferred location.

You can make your delivery appointment at with the log in details provided to you once you purchase your bike.

You can adjust your delivery date up to 3 working days before delivery. Contact Bizbike via the My Bizbike platform.

Contact Bizbike via the My Bizbike platform or by emailing


You get a lifetime warranty on the frame, 7 years on non-electronic parts and 2 years on electronic parts and the battery. During this period, Bizbike will come to your home to solve all warranty issues free of charge.

Your warranty certificate is digitally stored by Bizbike and starts from the date of delivery. The delivery date is mentioned on the order form you get at the delivery, under the heading delivery date.


Bizbike has an excellent home maintenance service. Mobile bike technicians come to your home by appointment to fix any problem.

You can request maintenance via the My Bizbike platform.

Your first bike maintenance worth €49 is free, after 500km or within 6 months of delivery (whichever comes first).

You schedule this maintenance within 6 months after delivery or within 500 km, whichever comes first.

If there is a problem with your bike you can contact Bizbike directly. Bizbike will arrange for a technician to visit your home to repair the bike.


If for some reason you wish to return your bicycle you can do so within 30 days of receiving your bike. To return your bike, simply log onto the MyBizbike website and log your return request.

Contact Bizbike via the My Bizbike platform.


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