What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes look and feel just like regular bikes, but have an added electric motor that the user controls for assistance when riding. Millions of people around the world are getting back into cycling through the use of electric bikes, with technology being more reliable and better value than ever before.

Electric bikes have a similar frame, brakes, handlebars, and wheels like a normal bike, but with the added bonus of an electric-powered motor. This can be in the wheels, or in the
middle of the bike, powering the pedals. Electric bikes are predicted to boom in the coming years and are starting to outstrip the sale of regular bikes in many countries.

Who are electric bikes for?

People of all ages can see the benefit of having a method of transport that is enjoyed outdoors, and over which they have full control. No more delayed trains or buses. Another bonus is that a bike doesn’t have to sit in traffic for hours! An electric bike will also give assistance to get over inclines or hills, or simply as extra help, if you are tired after a long day.

Electric bikes are not just for commuters, as people with electric bikes get lots of exercise too. A study by Brigham Young University showed that the participants on electric bikes got just as much of a cardio workout as those on regular bikes. This is due to the fact that
electric bike users rode for longer and got out on their bikes more often.

How fast can an electric bike go?

Electric bikes are well regulated in the EU. They have to offer pedal assistance and not forward motion without pedalling. So when you pedal, you get assisted by the motor. And when you stop pedalling, the assistance turns off and it freewheels just like a regular bike. The bike motor can offer a maximum of 250 watts of power, and pedal assistance must cut off once the bike hits 25kmph. The advantage is that you can still pedal at higher speeds than this just like a normal bike.

Do electric bikes require tax?

Electric bikes don’t require tax or insurance and users just need to follow the same rules of the road, just like those using a normal bike. You can even turn off the pedal assist completely to make it operate just like a regular bike. These safety measures mean everyone can commute safely and comfortably to work, travel around their local area and country, and use the pedal assistance whenever they need it. It’s all made easier by the push of a button.

Once you try an electric bike, you get that same feeling of freedom as when you were young, and cycling was your main mode of transport.


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