If there is one thing that we have learned from Covid times, it’s to truly appreciate our outdoor surroundings, especially for those of us who are lucky enough to have garden space. The brilliant thing about gardens is that they have the potential to be much more than just extra space. By taking your time and learning some simple yet effective gardening tips, you can turn your garden into one of your favourite places to spend time.

Read on to find our top tips for gardening this summer!

1. Prepare your soil for planting: Be sure to get out there and do some weeding - pulling those roots up can be quite therapeutic! After weeding, it's is important that you mix in some well-rotted compost or manure into the soil. By doing so, the soil structure and drainage will be improved, helping your plants to thrive in both wet and dry summer weather.

2. Enjoy the sun, but not too much: Here in Ireland, we very seldom experience long periods of sunshine and high temperatures, but when we do, our windowsill houseplants often end up being overexposed to the sun. When the good weather comes along, save those house plants by simply popping them into the shade!

3. Get plating your dahlias: If there’s one flower you should plant it’s dahlias! Their ever lasting range of colourful blooms is incomparable - not to mention, they are extremely easy to plant. If your garden is lacking colour this summer then dahlias are the perfect addition.

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